Here is our Programme for The 9th Glasgow Reiki Gathering in Tradeshall, 85 Glassford Street, Glasgow G1 1UH including presenters and vendors... Enjoy... and hope to see you there on 8th October 2017 ~ 10.00am ~ 4.30 

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Venue: The Trades Hall Glasgow, 85 Glassford Street, Glasgow G1 1UH   Find on Google Maps®


Programme / More Information

  Doors open at 10am for a 10.30 start with a full programme which will include Empowerments, Hugs and Love Love Love.  Our day event concludes around 4.30     Exchange for the day is £55 (£45 early bird)

Once again we will have a selection of stall holders offering us beautiful things :) 

Programme subject to change

Please bring with you items for your comfort... blanket and pillow, snacks, water, pen & notepad.  There will be a number of stallholders at this event with wonderful items for sale, so you may also wish to bring some pennies to buy yourself something delicious :)   

There are are various car parks and metered parking facilities around the area but if you choose to park in The Glasshouse which is also in Glassford Street (across from Tradeshall and down towards Argyle St.) please bring your yellow parking chip to Tradeshall where we have arranged that it will be verified so that you only have to pay the flat fee of £5.00 for the day, please bring your token in to the doorman at Tradeshall to get it validated. 

There are many places around Glassford Street and city centre for a lovely lunch or sandwich.

Disable access ~ there is a lift available


This Gathering is worth 5 CPD points. If you require a certificate of attendance please ask Lorna in advance.




A warm welcome to this the 9th Glasgow Reiki Gathering. We are delighted that so many of you have chosen to show up and act as a channel for the Light, to be the Light worker and Love worker you truly are. We are focussing most of our day on the Unversal Energy of Love, so there will be much you already know however much also to learn and grow with. This is an opportunity to expand and amplify Reiki Love and Light within our hearts.  This day will also give you an opportunity to feel into what lies ahead on you reiki journey. As the day progresses, with the different techniques that we are all learning and experiencing our vibrational level will rise and rise. Within the Oneness of our Reiki Energy and from the deep love and beauty of our hearts, we will be sending this collective conscious vibration of Light and Love out to all of humanity for the highest good and greatest joy of all sentient beings.We will be supported at all times by the Illumined Beings of Light and a Dome of Protection will allow us to work only with LIGHT.

We are truly blessed to be joined by Reiki Practitioners from all over the country and we welcome our vendors of Reiki infused goods.  We are very grateful to a number of Reiki Masters ready to give us all our Empowerment towards the end of the day.

You may already by familiar with some of our presenters who are with us today...  
Great Loving Souls, each One a Light in their own field.   Allow yourself to sit back and relax, take breaks when you feel the need, enjoy the day knowing that you are in safe hands.

Om Shanti ॐ

Regular Facilitators

Lorna McLean ~ Lorna is a Love Worker/Teacher sending out a Love vibration to all sentient beings. A Reiki Master Teacher and Holistic & Intuitive Body worker, Lorna has been involved with Usui Reiki since 1997 and regularly teaching Reiki since 2002. Her passion for this beautiful energy guided her to Stonehenge to learn Karuna Reiki in 2005 with William Lee Rand. This was a landmark in Lorna’s life that served to confirm her belief in the power of the Universal Life Energy that is all around us and in everything.As well as teaching Usui, Karuna and Kundalini Reiki, Lorna offers a wide spectrum of  therapies and workshops including Massage, Goddess Awareness, Tantra, all of which are passed on with an infectious and uplifting enthusiasm. At the heart of Lorna’s teachings and therapy sessions is the desire to help us find a more positive and peaceful place in our often stressful lives.  
Lorna was gifted the foundation teachings & transmissions of Yungdrung Bon the ancient Buddhism of Tibet, by Lama Khemsar Rinpoche.  Lorna feels that this is another beautiful piece of the jigsaw weaving into place to further enhance her holistic view of life.  Her visits to India have brought many more blessings including a stay in Amma’s Ashram in Kollam, Kerella South India. Lorna is available for sessions at her private clinic  Also available for Workshops, Health Awareness Events and Holistic Chill out Gatherings and Talks ~ For more information on Lorna and the Love she brings to this World, please visit         Tel: 07951 664846


Peter Govan ~ Peter Govan is an Edinburgh based Reiki Master Teacher and full time musician, composer and performer of sacred world music, inspired by the mountains of Sutherland and the legends of Scotland. His music is also influenced from the devotional chants of India, traditional Scottish songs and Harmonic overtone singing from Tuva, Mongolia. Peter also facilitates workshops in freeing the natural singing voice and keys to your Soul’s essence; enabling the expression of authentic sound through the body to unfold. The purpose of Peter’s concerts and work with sound is to deepen participant’s connection and relationship with themselves, spirit and their unlimited creative potential.  You can listen to Peter’s music and explore his site at  Come and say hello at my stall, where there will be lots of my soaring music  for you to hear, enjoy and take home with you.  

Rachael McLean ~  Administrator of Reiki Gatherings and involved since the start in 2008.  At the tender age of 9 Rachael was one of the youngest to be attuend to Reiki at that time.... Now a Reiki Master Teacher and Crystal Therapist.  Rachael missed our Reiki Gathering in 2013... she  was away  to Malawi, Africa to provide much needed help and support in the town of Domasi  where she spent three months there working alongside the deeply committed Tikondwe Youth Organisation, now known as Community Highlight, a local independent project whose main goals are to improve the lives of local families and orphaned children living in poverty through education, and promote the welfare and empowerment of Domasi’s local communities. They are currently facilitating a number of projects across the 18 villages they support. Rachael would like to share some of her experience of the work she was involved in as a volunteer and thank you personally for your donations to both this project and CLIC Sargent Childrens Cancer Charity, where she works in her day job as a Fund Raising Manager.

  Zaria et an Cullen ~ Zaria lives her life in The Spirit of ALOHA - that of purest, unconditional & all encompassing love & puts Huna Medicine into practice every single day of her life. She has worked in Holistic Health Care for over 30 years & aims to make a Soul connection with all those she comes into contact with. Spiritually sensitive since birth, she works with all the Medicines of the Natural World & in Holy Union with The Earth Mother & Divine Source. She walks her talk in Humble Gratitude & Divine & Holy Service trying to be " the best me I can be " while honoring The Divine Spark Within All Others for The Highest Possible Universal Good of All.
Zaria runs a Holistic Healing Therapy Practice in Beattock - 50 miles south of Glasgow - where she specialises in offering Full Therapy Pamper Days ( noon - 6pm ) on a one to one basis.  She teaches a wide range of Self Empowerment Workshops & Qualifying Courses in :- Crystal Healing, Natural Medicines, Psychic Development, Reiki, Ascension & Lightbody Activation, Hawaiian Heart Healing ( Huna Medicine ), Angelic Awareness Therapy, Native American Wisdom, Earth Healing, Shamanic Techniques, Meditation. She also provides an extensive telephone counseling service, personal & professional supervision sessions & a wide range of Spiritual Readings offering clarity on all issues of health, wealth, happiness, career, relationships etc. No health issue or personal problem or challenge is considered too big or too small. Client confidentiality is assured.  To contact Zaria please call 01683 300009 e-mail


Each year we bring in additional speakers.


 A Message from Lorna
 We are all feeling a shift and going through big events and changes.... There have been many things suggested... but what I personally feel sure of is this....

We are at a state in our Evolution where we have to be conscious and present... We need to be mindful of our thoughts, words and actions.   If we can continue to make the necessary changes to allow ourselves to Be Here Now... present and aware, consciously connected to The Great Mystery we are part of... then we will enjoy the magnificent wonders that are coming our way.

Whatever we are heading for... let us all allow ourselves to let go of anything that no longer serves us... let go of anything that is fear related.... let us all allow ourselves to vibrate in and look forward with love.

This energy we are connecting to, This Force, This Great Mystery has always been here... and thru Dr. Usui, our awareness of what he called Reiki has been reignited and continues to grow as a  Universal Force in the healing of all who choose to embrace it... whether it be for ourselves, our family & friends, animals, plants and Mother Earth herself.

Let’s all choose to be more conscious and present, having
more awareness of this precious birth... Let’s show up
We are the ones we have been waiting for...

Everything leads us here... to this moment... all we need is Love

Peace Be With Us
Lorna ॐ

*`.¸¸ . ✶*¨*. ¸ .✫*¨*♥ .¸¸
(. . ✫ ♥     Gratitude  ✫ ♥ . .)
`.¸¸ . ✶*¨*♥ . ¸ .✫*¨*.¸¸.✶

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all those who have been involved in the manifestation of each Reiki Gathering. All the helpers who have worked diligently to make sure all is in readiness for these wonderful events.

Regular Helpers:
Rachael McLean, Richard Lyon, Kirsty Wilson and Jan Martin, Suga Lass and Aileen Rowan for continued support

All our wonderful vendors
All our Reiki Masters who have helped with Empowerments with us all 
and for all round help and support.. .too many to mention but you all know who you are.
Thanks to all our facebook friends who share the information out about this event
Martin at Webfertile for continued web support and development.

Heartfelt thanks also to our presenters for sharing their Reiki energy, wisdom and Truth with us.

Deep Bow  to the Illumined Beings of Light, The Archangels of Love and Light, The Ascended Masters of Light, The Reiki Masters of Light including Mikao Usui himself.  Their power and presence has augmented and expanded our Reiki energy and protected us in every way as we ride on the wave of this love vibration which is changing the spiritual paradigm beliefs of humanity as we speak.

....And Deep Bow to each of you who have come along to share in a wonderful day of Love. We are evolutionaries, co-creating how our World will evolve in the future in this moment now with the Universal Source of All That Is.  Remember.... We are the ones that we are waiting for ♥

Lorna is “Paying it Forward....”

If you know someone who would like to be attuned to 1st Degree Reiki and who genuinely cannot afford it please let Lorna know.   Some of the profits from this Reiki Gathering will allow partial funding for some people for 1st degree reiki via Lorna McLean at

Some of the profits from this Reiki Gathering will also be shared with others... please see your Charity page for more information.

For further info on future gatherings, reiki shares and the other work that Lorna offers please log on to    or

♥♥♥ॐ Namaste ॐ ♥♥♥

 This event is worth 5 CPD points for anyone who collects them ~ if you require a certificate please email us and we can have one ready for you to pick up on the day.

Reiki Love and Blessings

Lorna McLean
07951 664846