The Team


Photo of Lorna McLean

Lorna McLean

Lorna McLean - Usui Holy Fire and Holy Fire Karuna  Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Holistic Therapist

Lorna is a Love Worker/Teacher sending out a Love vibration to all sentient beings. A Reiki Master Teacher and Holistic & Intuitive Therapist, Lorna has been involved with Usui Reiki since 1997 and regularly teaching Reiki since 2002. Her passion for this beautiful energy guided her to Stonehenge to learn Karuna Reiki in 2005 with William Lee Rand. This was a landmark in Lorna’s life that served to confirm her belief in the power of the Universal Life Energy that is all around us and in everything.

As well as teaching Usui Holy Fire and Karuna, Lorna offers a wide spectrum of workshops including Women Empowerment and Awareness, Massage & Sacred Healing, all of which are passed on with an infectious and uplifting enthusiasm. At the heart of Lorna’s teachings and therapy sessions is the desire to help us find a more positive and peaceful place in our often stressful lives. In 2011 Lorna was gifted the foundation teachings and transmissions of Yungdrung Bon the ancient Buddhism of Tibet, by Lama Khemsar Rinpoche. Lorna feels that this is another beautiful piece of the jigsaw weaving into place to further enhance her holistic view of life.

Lorna is available for Private appointments, Health Awareness Events and Holistic Chillout Gatherings ~ For more information on Lorna and the Love she brings to this World, please visit

Tel: 07951 664846

Photo of Rachael

Rachael McLean

Rachael McLean ~ Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher and Qualified in Crystal Therapy.

Rachael is our wonderful Administrator and has been involved with the Glasgow Reiki Gatherings from the start in 2008. Rachaels Reiki journey began at the young age of 9 years old and she is now a Master Teacher of Usui Holy Fire Reiki. She is also a Crystal Therapist. 

Having given her  time as a volunteer to Community Highlight in Domasi, Malawi in 2013 and currently working with CLIC Sargent Children,s Cancer Charity, Rachael helps to ensure that donations from the Reiki Gathering get to the right people of both these and other organisations we may support, as quickly as possible.


Reiki Principles

Kyo daki wa
Just for Today

Don’t get Angry

Shinpai suna
Don’t Worry

Kansha shite
(pronounced Shte)
Be Grateful

Goo hage me
(Goo pronounced Gowoo)
Work hard

Hito ni shinsetsu ni
Be kind to others